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Strategic Planning

An overview of our services:

  • AI Integration and Optimization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Financial Performance
  • Technology Strategy and Implementation
  • People and Talent Management
  • Brand Strategy and Development

AI Integration and Optimization

  • Bespoke AI Strategies: Bespoke AI Strategies: Bold AI visions tailored to your distinct culture and strategic priorities. 
  • Agile AI Implementation: Phased integration responsive to real-time feedback. 
  • Sustainable AI Adoption and Ethics: Foster a culture of continuous learning to sustain enduring, ethical adoption. 

Operational Excellence

  • Operational Efficiency: Mapping your value streams to find waste and optimize material flows.
  • Optimized Throughput: Analyzing supply chains to improve output quality and reduce costs.
  • Strategic Expansion Planning: Leveraging data-driven insights to uncover M&A and organic expansion opportunities.

Financial Performance

  • A Financial Physical: Explore existing revenue and cost structures to redefine profitability.
  • Multi-discipline Approach: Balancing localized, innovative responses with centralized financial guardrails.
  • Sustainable Profitability: Uncovering marginal revenue strengthens budgeting models and increases cash flows.

Technology Strategy and Implementation

  • Digital Transformation: Holistic digital change - spanning strategic visioning, cultural integration, and data-driven delivery.
  • Balanced Technology Integration: Striking the optimal balance between transformational vision and pragmatic delivery. 
  • Embedded Innovation and Upskilling: Enduring digital transformation by equipping your workforce with future-ready knowledge and skills.

People and Talent Management

  • People-centric Strategies: Aligning organizational culture and employee experience for change management initiatives that stick.
  • Technology Upskilling and Readiness: Conveying each employee’s role in achieving the updated corporate strategy.
  • Strategic Alignment and Culture Transformation: Optimize talent processes, workforces, and cultures to a growth mindset.

Brand Strategy and Development

  • Redefine Brand Architecture: Informing current brand perceptions and visual identity systems for global brand alignment.
  • Enhance Brand Loyalty: Uncover customer insights to create personalized, omnichannel brand experiences.
  • Culture and Values Embedding: Leverage a singular voice to communicate your core values and drive brand loyalty.
Why BIG?

Built to Grow


We create with people, not for people. We’re iterative, collaborative & creative.

Relentlessly Focused

We are high-impact, change-oriented with a relentless focus on creating plans that work.

Evidence Driven

Our process is bottom-up, gathering unbiased information to build a hypothesis

Agile Workflow

We are nimble and quickly iterate based on feedback. We analyze, align, and act for BIG results.


We emphasize sustainable change management practices to promote long-term adoption of technology and efficiency.

Strategic Educators

As instructors of Design Thinking at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, we combine our applied innovation curriculum with our expertise in strategy work to unlock BIG change.

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Case Studies

BIG Results

We create BIG results for private, public and government institutions.


Typical Engagement

Go Deep. Go BIG.

Step 1

1. Conduct Stakeholder Interviews

Discover insights inside the organization and outside with industry experts, customers, and competitors.

Step 1
Step 2

2. Receive Strategic Recommendations

Drive sustainable profitability growth through process efficiency and an empowered workforce

Step 2
Step 3

3. Create Action Plans

Create function-specific action plans for immediate implementation and standardization

Action Plan
Step 3
Step 4

4. Follow North-Star Vision

Follow the created north-star vision to ascend towards your five-year strategic plan.

Step 4
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