5 Powerful Lessons on Bridging Art and Business

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Jun 18, 2024 8:00:00 AM
5 Powerful Lessons on Bridging Art and Business

What's the secret to achieving exponential success and driving transformative growth? It may lie in an unexpected source - the world of fine art.

Many executives struggle to maintain their strategic edge while staying true to their core purpose. But as Jared McGriff's inspirational journey shows, embracing your creative passions can unlock innovative solutions.

An Independent Path to Success 

From a young age, Jared exhibited an independent streak and artistic talent. While his family lacked conventional business connections, he was determined to forge his path through consistent practice and intrinsic motivation. 

Attending NYU for business school opened doors to the corporate finance world at prestigious firms like Credit Suisse. Yet Jared soon felt a friction between the wealth-driven banking culture and his values.  

Struggling for Fulfillment  

In the elite private banking environment, he descended into struggles with isolation and a lack of authentic human connection. "It was almost like there was an underlying code around social relationships that indicated position of power," Jared reflects. He didn't have the same family legacy preparing him for these unspoken rules.

So Jared leaned into his daily watercolor painting ritual as an anchor. His innovative approach - working spontaneously from memory without fixating on perfection - grounded him during turbulent times. Painting served as a method of relaxation and equilibrium–a lifeline.

Studio shot - NYTimes - Scott McIntyre


Unleashing Creativity as a Business Asset

Integrating art with his professional pursuits was transformational. Jared realized, "What's valuable to an artist is their unique lens - how they see things and intentionally reflect that in their work."

His artistic practice trained him in invaluable skills: intellectual honesty, consistent execution, openness to peer influences, and intentionality tied to the desired impact on a community. These holistic capabilities directly empowered Jared's business aptitude.

Rather than separating his mind's analytical and creative parts, he bridged them through his artistic lens. "For me, it's definitely about the action of doing at all times," he notes.

Achieving Exponential Growth

Today, Jared is a prolific self-taught painter represented by prestigious galleries in Los Angeles and Miami. His work has even been featured in celebrated museum shows globally - an accomplishment most artists only dream of achieving.

But more importantly, he credits art for enriching all his pursuits. "It's taught me to water my network, nurture conversations where my work resonates, and find the neighborhoods where I can contribute."

Jared's practice fueled exponential personal and professional growth by embracing the two forces rather than compartmentalizing.

Cyclical and structural forces react with each other in ways that are both predictable and unpredictable & The natural tendency for a body to resist change in its state of motion (2024)


Driving Transformative Impact: Your Next Steps

Integrating diverse talents is a future-focused strategy, according to Jared. He continuously encourages executives to engage their passions alongside core business. Some key takeaways:

  • Identify your unique creative lens: Observe deeply, stay curious, find your voice
  • Balance consistent practice with vulnerability: Share works-in-progress to cultivate community  
  • Seek cross-disciplinary inspiration: Open yourself to new influences and perspectives    
  • Frame your art as "doing" over "outcome": The journey builds transformative growth
  • Find your neighborhood: Nurture the mutually enriching conversations igniting your purpose

Whether artistic or not, tapping deeper into your well of intrinsic motivation can drive transformative leadership impact. Unleash your inner creativity, and watch sustainable success follow.


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