BIG Strategy Playbook- Our Approach to Strategic Planning

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Aug 16, 2023 11:22:57 AM

At The Berkeley Innovation Group, we take an exploratory, bottom-up approach to strategic planning. In contrast to the traditional, hypothesis-driven tactics of larger strategy consultancies. This differentiation allows us to engage employees and leadership, building the connective bonds of shared input into the strategic plan that leads to longer-term adoption. Let’s dive into the specifics of our three phase, exploratory approach.

4.1 Analyze: The BIG Reality

"Analyze: The BIG Reality" is our initial phase that delves deeply into understanding your organization's internal dynamics, strengths, and areas for improvement. Our ethnographers conduct stakeholder interviews and our data scientists analyze existing datasets to gain invaluable insights into its current state - this includes assessing organizational culture, operational bottlenecks, and untapped potential, as well as conducting an in-depth examination of market positioning strategies compared against competitor strategies to uncover crucial opportunities and threats impacting strategic direction.

4.2 Align: The BIG Plan

Once we understand your organization's reality, we move into our second step - "Align: The BIG Plan." We collaborate closely with your leadership team to co-create a comprehensive strategic plan that meets your aspirations and market realities. By setting an unambiguous North Star that pushes beyond any comfort zones within your organization while maintaining achievable and impactful goals, we provide you with the tools to track progress as the plan proceeds and remain on course.

4.3 Ascend: The BIG Change

Strategic planning can only be successful with its practical execution, so in our third phase, titled "Ascend: The BIG Change," we focus on putting your plan into effect and driving transformative change within your organization. Change management plays a pivotal role here, ensuring teams have all the necessary tools and support to embrace your strategic vision. We work closely with employees at all levels within your company, creating an atmosphere of alignment and proactive decision-making while managing any resistance to change and providing opportunities to empower employees to accomplish strategic goals efficiently and effectively.

4.4 Unique Benefits of Our Approach

Our approach to strategic planning offers multiple distinct advantages that set us apart from conventional consulting firms.

Tailored Solutions: At our core, we believe in crafting custom strategies explicitly tailored to the circumstances of each organization we partner with. Your knowledge will be leveraged through collaboration and our expert services, while our services combine expertise to produce tailored solutions that resonate with team members.

Integrative Approach: By combining internal analysis with external market assessments, we offer an integrative perspective that considers the industry landscape and social trends - this helps identify opportunities and threats that would otherwise go undetected.

Data-Driven Insights: Our data scientists use advanced analytics to deliver evidence-based insights, which enable you to make well-informed decisions based upon quantitative data and allocate resources strategically for maximum effect.

Change Enabling: At big, we recognize and prioritize change management as an integral component of successful strategic planning. By helping guide your organization through the transformation process, we strengthen its ability to execute its plan effectively.

Constant Support: As part of our dedication to continuous improvement, our involvement with your organization extends beyond the planning stage. We remain involved throughout the implementation process to offer guidance and provide ongoing assistance that ensures that strategic plan objectives are reached successfully.

At Berkeley Innovation Group, our three-phase approach to strategic planning provides many distinct advantages, including tailored solutions, an integrative approach, and data-driven insights that position us as an invaluable partner on your path toward transformational change and lasting success.

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