BIG Strategy Playbook-Introduction [2024]

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Jan 2, 2024 10:00:00 AM

A Brief Overview of the Firm


Established in 2015 by UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business faculty members, The Berkeley Innovation Group is committed to crafting forward-thinking strategic plans for mid-market companies driven by inquiry and innovation.

With a mission to drive transformative change, our team brings a wealth of experience in areas such as digital transformation, operational excellence, financial profitability enhancement, change management in human resources, and new product innovation.

Having spent over fifteen years teaching strategy and innovation to a new generation of students, we often hear from our former students who are frustrated when their ideas for improvement and innovation are met with resistance from entrenched organizational inertia and the status quo.

At The Berkeley Innovation Group, we embrace "a better way" - an inductive and exploratory approach rooted in curiosity and a deep understanding of our clients' current state - that sets us apart. The key to success lies in a strategic plan that embodies leadership's values and incorporates feedback from all levels of the organization to ensure its effectiveness.


Our Value Proposition


By selecting The Berkeley Innovation Group, you are choosing a fresh and collaborative approach to your strategic planning process. Our expertise lies in developing tailor-made solutions deeply rooted in your unique circumstances. We believe in co-creation, valuing your insider knowledge while providing objective and third-party perspectives. This well-balanced approach actively engages stakeholders at all levels, setting the stage for seamless transitions during implementation.

Our proven track record of partnerships with leading industry players, including Google's data center division (GDC) and the billion-dollar waste management company Recology, speaks volumes about our ability to deliver strategic plans that foster top-line growth, optimize costs, and drive bottom-line transformation.

For instance, we successfully assisted GDC in establishing an innovation funnel that aligned with its corporate strategy, resulting in more than doubling the number of new projects within the division. At Recology, we adopted a holistic approach, leading a digital transformation and operational efficiency initiative that immediately positively impacted EBITDA.

Choose The Berkeley Innovation Group and experience our commitment to delivering innovative strategic plans that empower your organization to reach its full potential.


Understanding Your Strategic Planning Needs

To better serve your strategic planning needs, we will work closely with you to understand the nuances of your organization's strategic challenges and opportunities.

This process involves deep diving into your organization's current state through stakeholder interviews, a market positioning analysis against established competitors and startups, and megatrends shaping your industry and the broader economy.

For example, to address a generational shift in society, namely the rise of Gen Z, we explore the technology used to interface with your customers, prospective hires, and existing employees. Ensuring a human-centered approach gives stakeholders a "one-to-one" feeling with your firm while giving you processes to scale your operations effectively.

Our meticulous exploration enables us to align our approach with your distinct needs and aspirations, resulting in a strategic plan that genuinely mirrors your organization's ambitions.

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