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The BIG Reality


Analyze and understand your business and its challenges.

3 months

The BIG Plan


Align leadership, create the BIG plan and forge forward.

3 months

The BIG Change


Create BIG change & ascend to the next level.

3-6 months

The BIG Reality™

In the "BIG Reality" phase, we delve deep into your organization's internal dynamics, strengths, and areas for improvement. Through a meticulous process of stakeholder interviews and comprehensive data analysis, we gain invaluable insights into your current state. This includes a thorough assessment of your organizational culture, operational bottlenecks, untapped potential, and more. By juxtaposing this internal understanding with an external analysis of market trends and competitor strategies, we uncover opportunities and threats that shape your strategic direction.

Duration: Approximately 3 months



Analyze and understand your business and its challenges

  3 Months

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The BIG Plan™

Align leadership, create the BIG plan, and forge forward.

During the "BIG Plan" phase, we collaborate closely with your leadership team to co-create a comprehensive strategic plan. This plan is meticulously tailored to meet your organization's aspirations and market realities. We set an unambiguous North Star that pushes beyond comfort zones while maintaining achievable and impactful goals. Through collaborative workshops and discussions, we establish specific and measurable objectives to guide your organization's journey. The resulting plan provides the tools to track progress, remain on course, and translate your strategic vision into actionable KPIs.

Duration: 3 months



Align leadership, create the BIG plan and forge forward

  3 Months

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The BIG Change™

Create BIG change & and ascend to the next level.

The "BIG Change" phase marks the practical execution of your strategic plan and the realization of transformative change within your organization. Change management takes center stage, ensuring that teams have the necessary tools, training, and support to fully embrace your strategic vision. We engage employees at all levels to foster an atmosphere of alignment, proactive decision-making, and collective empowerment. This phase not only manages resistance to change but also capitalizes on the energy of change enthusiasts. By actively working toward strategic goals, we drive efficient and effective results.

Duration:3-6 months


Create BIG change and ascend to the next level

  3-6 Months

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What is Strategic Planning, and Why Is It Essential for Businesses?

Strategic planning is a roadmap for medium-to-long-term success, aligning an organization's daily efforts and valuable resources toward well-defined goals. At The Berkeley Innovation Group, we take an exploratory approach, diving deep into your current state and market realities. Our plans not only guide resource allocation and management alignment but also address challenges like resistance to change. The result is a dynamic, evidence-based strategy that evolves with your needs, setting the stage for sustained growth and competitive advantage.

How Can Strategic Planning Benefit My Business?
Choosing The Berkeley Innovation Group for your strategic planning means embracing a co-creative, data-driven approach that's tailored to your unique circumstances. Our plans drive top-line growth, optimize resource allocation, and foster organizational alignment. With a focus on actionable KPIs and stakeholder engagement, we help you navigate business complexities, identify growth opportunities, and set the stage for smooth transitions during implementation, leading to sustainable success.
How Can You Tailor a Strategic Planning Approach To The Unique Requirements Of Each Organization?

At The Berkeley Innovation Group, we believe in crafting custom strategies rooted in your unique context. Our process starts with 'The BIG Reality,' a deep dive into your organization's internal dynamics, market positioning, and challenges. We then co-create an actionable strategic plan, employing targeted KPIs for measurable outcomes. Our data-driven insights and stakeholder engagement ensure a plan that's closely aligned with your specific needs and goals.

Can You Assist Us in Short and Long-Term Strategic Planning?

Absolutely! At The Berkeley Innovation Group, we excel in balancing short-term actions with long-term visions through our three-phase approach: Analyze, Align, and Ascend. We craft adaptable roadmaps that consider immediate needs while setting an unambiguous North Star for your future. Our focus on actionable KPIs and ongoing support ensures a holistic, dynamic approach to achieving success.

How Can You Address Challenges Such As Resistance To Change During Strategic Planning?

We directly address challenges like resistance to change through our 'Ascend: The BIG Change' phase, integrating change management into the strategic planning process. We emphasize stakeholder engagement at all levels, offering clear communication and tailored training. This focus not only minimizes resistance but also empowers your team to actively contribute to a smooth transition and successful strategy execution.

How Can You Assess the Success of a Strategic Plan?

At The Berkeley Innovation Group, we establish actionable KPIs and OKRs during our 'Align: The BIG Plan' phase to serve as benchmarks aligned with your strategic goals. Through ongoing support and regular monitoring, we not only track progress but also make data-driven adjustments, ensuring your plan remains dynamic and responsive to real-world conditions.

Can You Provide Ongoing Support Once the Strategic Plan Has Been Implemented?

Absolutely. At The Berkeley Innovation Group, our commitment extends beyond the planning stage. Through our 'Ascend: The BIG Change' phase and beyond, we offer ongoing support that includes consultations, progress tracking using actionable KPIs, and data-driven adaptations to ensure your strategic plan meets its objectives and adapts to evolving conditions.

Are Strategic Plans Beneficial to All Types of Businesses?

Yes, strategic planning is universally beneficial. At The Berkeley Innovation Group, we've partnered with diverse industry leaders—from the Oakland A’s baseball team to Google's data center division to Recology, a billion-dollar waste management company—to deliver customized strategic plans that drive growth and transformation, regardless of size or sector.

How Can We Begin Your Strategic Planning Services?

Getting started is straightforward - contact us via our contact page, and we'll arrange an initial consultation to assess your organization's needs, challenges, and goals before creating a tailored strategic planning approach to suit.

How Long Does the Strategic Planning Process Typically Last?

This depends on various factors, including the complexity of your organization, the depth of analysis required, and the extent of collaboration required - we work closely with you to develop a timeline that suits your needs and goals. However, full creation, refinement, and implementation is a year-plus process.

What Can You Guarantee?

Our experienced team guarantees a comprehensive strategic planning approach tailored to your organization's needs. They're committed to developing actionable strategies and effective change management processes and offering ongoing support that helps your goals come to life.

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